Via Augusta

I have been busy sorting photos. Not from the 2016 Camino but a trip a year earlier. A trip that pre-dated any thoughts of a Camino, or even knowledge of the Camino if I’m honest.

In April 2015 we were in Spain and Portugal. The last big trip. Ever. Until the Camino began its siren song in November, becoming increasingly insistent until we changed our plans from walking in September to May 2016. That story is in the link above.

In April 2015 we fell in love with Spain and I developed a fascination for tiles. Cadiz was a fruitful source of images. Sorting through these yesterday I did a double take as I spotted:


Just another pretty tile at the time, so much more today.

Via Augusta, I discover, is a Roman way between Cadiz and Sevilla, where it joins the Via de Plata to Santiago.

Gades (Cadiz) to Hispalis (Seville) on this map. Just 176 historic kilometers; I know so little about Hispania, Roman Spain, to my shame.


So much to do, so little time.